Tuesday, June 27, 2006

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Amore di Bocelli

Staying in home, yesterday night, instead of watching a football game (Mundial) i prefered to listen the new CD of Antrea Bocelli , "Amore".

I like it alot, besides Bocelli is one of my favourite lyrics. I first heard about him in 1997,i think, when an italian friend of mine came to Greece and gave me the 1st CD of Bocelli "Romanza", including the popular song "It's time to say goodbye".
I was imprresed by his voice and when read he is blind, my first impression became more positive about him.

His last CD, includes some really nice songs which have been sung by many singers but, i think, Bocelli adds a new value on these.

The night was warm but bocelli's voice was warmer and with his passion in singing time passed by quickly.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Thoughts for Manos

Some thoughts for Manos Hatjidakis.His music speaks our minds, touches our souls, so sensitive and so dramatic.His aesthitic was unique and unfortunatelly for most of the modern greeks unknown.

...I'm listening to one of my favourite, hatjidakis songs, the "Kemal", a very nice tale.

Listening to his music is a dip to ourselves. A trip to a world with loving faces and beauty around.Xatjidakis believed in a new world, in a new era.He worked for this and with his music inspired minds and souls.

But...this world is never change..."goodnight Kemal".

Manos made the "trip to stars" on 15th June 19994.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mundial 2006

As a man I like watching football on tv and the best period is Mundial, which at this summer takes place in Germany. Begun last friday and until now we have watched really nice football games.Brasil is the absolute favourite and teams like Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Holland, France follow.In my opinion, i prefer Argentina and this gonna be my favorite team this summer. Of course, I like Brasil as most people but its too easy to be a fun of Brasil.Besides, as a tv viewer i like watching the unexpected, looking for the surprising team.

Eventhough I'm not a fanatic football viewer, i admit that during Mundial i change habits and staying inhome watching the games.

In every Mundial there are some teams that make the difference and of course there are some players that are memorable. i remember myself, since i was a little child, in 1982 in Spain the great team of Brasil which lost 3-2 by Italy, an unxpected result. Another game was that Germany-France, the semi-final, Germany won at peanalties.I want to mention that I l ike Argentina due to some players like Mario Kempes, Osvaldo Ardilles, Daniel Passarella and of course of the great Diego Armado Maradona.

In 1986 in Mexico, Argentina was the best team, Russia was very good but didn't manage alot. In 1990 in Italy, Germany with Lothar Mateous played well, Italy was unlucky and Diego didn't manage to make the big surprise for a second time. In 1994 in USA, Brasil was the best and Romario kept the cup. In 1998 in France, Zinedine Zidane showed how a good player should be and helped France to be the world champion and finally in 2002 in Asia, Ronaldo and Brasil won the final in a poor tournament.

I could write much more about these games but I should have more time.Tonight, is the 1st game of Brasil, playing with Croatia. I hope we'll see a nice game. On this topic i wrote about the positive part of Mundial, in a nother topic maybe i mention some of the negatives.For the momenet, engoy the game.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Looking for EFFIE

Yesterday, all the media - advertising agencies, research companies and of course the clients of these companies had their own event at Megaro of Mousikis. It was the ceremony for EFFIE Awards. It takes place every two years and supposed the award is given to the best adcampaign.

From 12.30 to 16.30 there was the EFFIE seminar in which some global case studies were presented. 5 in total but the best was the one presenting the campaign of a beer called "Rheingold", lunched in New York market. The guy who made the presentation was really good in comparison with some of the others who was at least terrible. At 17.30 begun the main event the EFFIE awards, stayed till 18.30 and was enough. I saw what i needed to see.Prefered going home instead of staying there.Maybe next time...stay more.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

What did a japanish see...

Last Tuesday, my japanish friends Maiko and Masayuki came to Athens.Athens was a part of their honneymoon trip. They got married on 14th of May and they choose Greece for honneymoon.I knew that since last October about and we were very happy to meet them. Time came on Tuesday.

First they visited Santorini and stayed there for a couple of days. Santorini for them was a dream that came true. Santorini was the best place and they had read so many things about this island. As they told later, everything was true. Their satisfaction with the staying in the island was big, they enjoyed it alot and had booked a very nice hotel at firostefeni overlooking the caldera and volcano.Then they came to meet us in Athens.

They stayed only 2 days in our flat. In Japan, its difficult to leave your job for over 5 days. So included weekends the maximum is about 9 days, and need about 3 days for the trip(time difference).We tried to show them the real Athens, the nice view of Athens. It was their second time in Athens and that helped alot us for not showing them the classical touristic places. We went a trip to Sounio at Poseidon temple on Tuesday afternoom (before we had a great lunch at home),for looking the beautiful sunset.Then back to Plaka for a quick dinner and on Wendsday morning downtown center for some shopping, at Ermou street.Wendesday afternoom, we visited the Olympic stadium area, then Lykavitos hill and apart these places we had a very good sightseeing by car, around Athens.

We wanted to make them feel nice and happy with their choice to come here.Beside, it was a great honour for us to come here and meet us again. We knew Maiko well and we met Masayuki for a first time. This guy is a nice japanish man and the important is that take cares of Maiko.

This morning they flight to London, staying until Saturday and then back to Japan.This post dedicated to both of them, our good japanish friends.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Goodmorning Hellas

This period, almost every day, i listen the new single of Going through, band, called "Kalimera Ellada" (Goodmorning Hellas). I like this song, it describes the nowaday life in Greece, the greek society. Speaks about the politicians and the way, we, all Greeks behave in everyday life. It's easy listening song, with a rythm, i like also the children chorus. I think, this song must be the summer hit.

Monday, May 22, 2006

21st of May-Eleni

Last Sunday was the day of St.Konstantin & Elenis and was a special day for our home. Eleni had her name day and we celebrated it.

We had some guests in our flat and she cooked a special dinner. In fact was a great, great, superb dinner. We were 15 people and everything was ready on time. This mean that the oven was "online" the whole day. I'd like to introduce you at the menou: lettuce and tomato salat, feta cheece and cretan graviera cheece, herb pie and little cheece pie, pastitsio, pasta soufle with cream and ham, pork and lamb in oven with potatoes, grilled pork and "Gkioulbasi" (grilled pork with cheece, garlic and hot pepper), beef with fresh tomato sauce, local wine and cold beers. Finally she made a sweet cake with cream and a nut-cake. After dinner some season's fruit was served.

The food was enough, well cooked, nice tasty and i hope everyone was satisfied. We stayed till 2am enjoying our veranda with a friendly couple.

The night was nice and sweet but above all the best was... Eleni!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Eurovision Party in Athens

Yesterday, Athens welcomed all the participant countries at 51st Eurovision contest, which took place at Zappeion. I was there (thanks to sponsors) and it was a good chance to see some of the eurovision people.

I used to be a fun of eurovision since i was a child. Old times...Now many things have changed, the contest is a show and for many countries, like Greece, has a political colour. Anyway...

The party...was nice, people from all Europe, Zeta Makripoulia and George Kapountzidis were too good on stage, Maria Menounos too "American girl" and Sakis Rouvas as a show performer was very good. As a singer...another story. Anna Vissi came on stage at last, talked about her song (it could be much better, personal opinion) and then most of the participants sang together the very popular song "Waterloo".The whole event had a flavour of Europe. Nice people, nice faces, too many colours. A nice party.

Friday, May 12, 2006

La Veranda

Seems that summer is coming. After some cold days, especially evenings, the weather is balanced and warm days are ahead. That, means, enjoying the veranda at home.

During winder, we like seating next to open fire but now,as a typical greek, we like enjoying our veranta. I have to refresh the wooden chair and table with some tick-oil (i will do it this weekend) and then Eleni to decorate the place-veranda. Some candles around the table and one on it. I trust her...There is also one small wooden sofa, which is really comfortable and you can sleep there all night, looking the summer moon. I like having my dinner out, in veranda or drinking a nice fruit based cocktail. It's a taste and even more it's an escape from daily, bored things.

Besides, we make the preparations for her nameday, as every year some good friends and lovely persons come to home. Following the english way... "ladies and gentlemen :Dinner is served".